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Hey there! Welcome to the Jake Bible Fiction Mailing List!

When you sign up for the mailing list you'll get:

-A weekly email with new release announcements, cover reveals, random stuffs, AND a link to an exclusive video reading of that week's Friday Night Drabble Party! You'll get to hear/see me read it before it drops that night! BAM!

-A semi-monthly bonus newsletter with special announcements that couldn't fit into the Weekly Roundup, PLUS a link to an exclusive video of one of my chapters from my latest work in progress!


NO SPAM! Seriously. I'm just too damn busy (lazy) to spam you. You'll only get what's listed above and it'll never be more than one email a week with a monthly roundup at the end of the month. 5 emails total per month, tops. Maybe 6, but realistically you'll only get 4 (see lazy comment above). I promise.

Sign up! Do it! DOOOOOO IT! Do it!

And when you do, you'll get a link to the exclusive video readings that only the cool kids get! COOL KIDS!

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