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Hey there! Welcome to my mailing list!

So, naturally, you're asking what you've gotten yourself into, right?

Well, first off, you get free micro-fiction delivered to your inbox each week. I've been hosting my Friday Night Drabble Party for almost a decade now. Every week I write and release a free drabble and as a member of my mailing list, you get first look at the 100 Words of Awesome before the general public! So, that's cool.

Every couple of months I'll hold a contest where you can win ARCs (advanced reader copies) of new novels, your name as a character in one of my books, free audiobook codes, and who knows what else!

Also, I'll be sending out occasional special announcements, but I promise you will not get spammed. Trust me. I'm too busy (i.e lazy) to spam you. So, you might get two extra emails a month. More like one. Odds are, though, you'll only get the Friday Night Drabble Party. There'll be links in there to new novels and audiobooks, so it's not like you'll be missing out. The gist is NO SPAM! (Sorry I yelled.)

Kick back, chill, and read some drabbles, folks. They're free. My weekly gift to all my readers and fans.

Thanks for signing up! You now officially ROCK!

Friday Night Drabble Party archive!

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